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Dr. Harmony Fish Oil Is 100 % Mercury-free?

dr harmony fish oilYou’ll take pleasure in numerous possible advantages consisting of high blood pressure, HDL, LDL cholesterol ratio and triglycerides, much healthier, more youthful looking skin; additional brain nutrition and more … without the dangerous results of mercury contamination.

The supplement research study group at Dr. Harmony … a business committed to establishing sophisticated health supplements … has actually accomplished exactly what researchers formerly called “difficult.”.

We have actually established 100 % mercury-free fish oil called Super Omega. It’s pure and so mercury-free … it makes normal fish oil look like the Stone Age.

Plus our fish oil is extremely high in the advantageous Omega-3 vital fats DHA and EPA. Keep in mind, earlier I was informing you the sort of fish oil you desire is ethyl ester oil? Well, Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega is of the ethyl ester oil kind … and it doubles or triples the levels of EPA and DHA discovered in natural triglyceride oil.

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Do they inform you where the fish in fact came from? How much Omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids are actually in each pill?
There is comprehensive research study on the threats of oxidized, rancid oils. Omega-3 fats discovered in fish oil are the most unsaturated of the fats, and therefore the most prone to being harmed.

And I’ll inform you something else we did. Dr. Harmony’s health supplements are made in the most advanced, fully equipped and modern-day FDA Approved lab in the United States. No I’m not going to inform you where it is– this is a trick we mean to avoid our rivals permanently !!
What’s So Important About This Lab?

Some popular fish oils do not even offer you half that much, so examine your own brand. Some brands might declare 500 mg of “fish oil,” however just a portion of that fish oil is the healthy Omega-3 EPA and DHA.

Well, for something, the production center produces medications so it understands its method around a quality production. World-class health medical professionals get in touch with the laboratory making customized solutions to treat their clients … which can not be dealt with by drugs discovered at routine drug stores.

Research study has actually revealed that omega-3 fatty acids reduce threat of arrhythmias (unusual heart beats), which can lead to unexpected heart death. Omega-3 fatty acids likewise reduce triglyceride levels, slow the development rate of atherosclerotic plaque and lower blood pressure (somewhat).”.

Who’s going to desire to invest the time– and the cash …

To make two times as sure our fish oil does not consist of any pollutants and satisfies our purity requirements we carry out Molecular Distillation. Any saturated fats and prospective pollutants are distilled out of the oil, leaving just the essential health advantageous elements of the fish oil.

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Let’s discuss DHA/EPA Ratio For Cardiovascular Benefits.

Listen, if you desire the complete heartand cardiovascular advantages, you require 500 mg of DHA/EPA Omega-3 fats every day. Which’s according to the American Heart Association!

At Dr. Harmony, we do not utilize oil from huge Salmon since it can quickly consist of a high level of lead, mercury and other contaminants. You see, the Salmon can grow to be a very big wheel. It’s a predator fish, high up on the food cycle, implying that it includes contaminants soaked up by every little fish, water, eel, and crab bug it has actually ever consumed.

Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega provides you the purest fish oil in the world. To make it, we go thousands of miles out of our method and get exceptionally clean, extremely little school fish from the exceptionally remote waters south of New Zealand. This is NOT like the commercial waters of the Atlantic from where many of the other fish oil produces get their fish.

Taking the fish oil through the procedure of molecular purification which eliminates pollutants, such as heavy metals, dioxins, and other toxins discovered in the oceans around the world.

Bite into a lot of online or health food shop purchased fish oil pills and you might get a nasty surprise– a fishy taste, showing the item isn’t really fresh. That’s due to the fact that these supplements can sit on the rack for years or months.

Processing the sort of fish oil you really desire– which is ethyl ester oil. The benefit to this type, when again, is it can double or triple the levels of EPA and DHA and eliminate the pollutants. This type of fish oil is the most pricey to produce and hardly ever offered … it is the one you desire for optimum EPA and DHA advantages.

If you desire the purest fish oil, you have to prevent huge, old fish like huge Salmon and Swordfish. You have to do a lot more work and capture lots of little more youthful fish … fish that aren’t old or huge adequate to have actually built up numerous contaminants. Even the FDA has actually put out a cautionary advisory for females and babies on huge fish.

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Feel confident each bottle at Dr. Harmony is ensured separately date-stamped and fresh.

This is why it’s definitely vital to make sure that the fish oil you choose is not rancid and fresh. It will have the precise opposite result on your body than you desire it to once it has actually gone rancid.

If your brand states “Pure Salmon Oil” toss it back into the ocean. Fish oil from Atlantic Salmon sounds healthy? Hang on … the majority of that Salmon is farm raised and might include PCBs and other chemicals in the factory-made food those captive Salmon are fed.

Ensuring you get the ideal balance of EPA/DPA (more than 1,200 mg) for optimum health advantages and making certain the pills are enteric estimated so they do not restart on you.

Separately date marking each bottle of fish oil making sure it’s pure and fresh.

I’ll Tell You Who – Nobody But United States!

For another thing, considering that it is a pharmaceutical laboratory, it has an unique drug-manufacturing license that keeps it under the limiting examination of the FDA and state licensing boards– this laboratory runs a stainless operation.

That fishy burp you get after taking routine fish oil pills might indicate the oil isn’t really fresh. Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega is pure … and … it’s enteric layered. The enteric covering safeguards Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega pills from being liquified by stomach acids (which has actually been understood to trigger a fishy reflux– aka, “fish burps”), and permitting them to pass through the stomach to the little intestinal tract where the pills will then liquify.

This makes a huge distinction– due to the fact that there is a great deal of trash that can be offered as a “health supplement” by meticulous producers. When once more, this implies meticulous makes might possibly offer you battery oil in a bottle and you would not understand the distinction. Each and every item can not be inspected by the FDA’s enforcement department due to the fact that of it’s restricted resources.
Here are some realities; you’ll be surprised to find.

Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega provides you the purest fish oil on the planet. Making it, we go countless miles from our method to obtain exceptionally clean, extremely little school fish from the very remote waters south of New Zealand.

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Sailing thousands cruising miles into the ocean south of New Zealand and catching small capturing little … fish that aren’t huge or big enough to sufficient accumulated have actually collectedLots of This is NOT like the commercial waters of the Atlantic from where many of the other fish oil produces get their fish. This is the factor Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega is ensured to be 100 % totally free of mercury.

70 % of supplement business break company guidelines. When once more, about 70 % of the country’s supplement business have actually contravened of the united states Food and Drug Administration’s production policies over the previous 5 years.

Which we then deliver to our independent FDA Approved Lab and create each and every pill making use of the most innovative devices offered.

As approximated 51 % of the FDA’s recalls of unsafe items that can trigger significant illness or death included other supplements and tainted vitamins, according to a credit report in an April edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

A New Jersey household in 2011 getting federal jail sentences and orders to pay fines completing more than $1 million for the rodent problem and dirt at their protein powder business. Rodent feces and urine were discovered in an item mixing location and a rodent that had actually been sliced in half was discovered in a mixer platform, according to an FDA credit report. These scary stories continue …

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We ONLY make use of the most innovative components and cutting edge formulas discovered anywhere on the world.

Do you believe that looking much better, feeling more youthful and more revitalized, understanding that your body is getting all the anti-aging assistance it requires deserves a meager $2 a day?

And after that these little amounts are delivered straight to your door. Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega is NOT offered in any shop, or on other site.

Consumers are threatened by badly determined active ingredients, out-of-date & unclean production devices, pesticides in organic items, supplements polluted with prohibited prescription medications– even germs in pediatric vitamins, remember notifications and firm assessment records have actually revealed.

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Now, here is the great news …

The pharmacists, researchers and chemists who deal with Dr. Harmony’s items, are experienced and fully-licensed, to comply and follow with the strict FDA GMP requirements. If we might state so ourselves) the finest in the world, this enables you to rest in convenience that you’ve going to be provided Fish Oil that’s (.
Now for the next concern I’m sure is on your mind …

How Much Does Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega cost?

The Regular Price For Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega Is: $150 A Bottle Which is a full deal when you take into account:.

The products at Dr. Harmony are GMP certified. The Dietary Supplement (DS) CGMP guideline by the FDA needs individuals who make, plan, label, or hold a nutritional supplement to develop and follow present great production practice to guarantee the quality of the nutritional supplement and to guarantee that the nutritional supplement is packaged and identified as defined in the master production record.

If You Act Right Away, and Reserve A 4 Month Supply of Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega, you’ll have an area in our Private VIP Group which entitles you to our VIP Pricing of simply $49.95 when you purchase our 4-bottle supply which is our finest offer choice.

More than 3,000 items were remembered across the country in 2014. Frequently, hazardous drugs of all kinds– from male sexual improvement substances to weight-loss medications- are showing up in vitamins and other supplements across the country.

This comes near just $49.95 Per Bottle!

I Think So Too, But I’m Not Stopping There.

Why Would I Approve Such A Drastic Price Break?

To that end I’ve advised the laboratory to reserve a whole supply of Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega So that YOU can show to us YOUR success stories, and my group of Scientists will have a growing body of proof to reveal the long-lasting buildings of this remarkable item!

The response is in fact easy. In our pursuit to press the limits of our research study, we require individuals to share their outcomes with us. Particularly the ever-increasing advantages that start to begin when you’ve been taking Dr. Harmony’s Super Omega for 90 Days or MORE …

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