Health Benefits of Artichoke Leaf Extract

Doctors Recommend Artichoke Leaf Extract

artichoke leaf extractDoctors around most Mediterranean countries have long recommended the use of Artichoke Leaf Extract. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most frequently recommended natural remedies around the Mediterranean. Artichoke Leaf Extract has long been thought to be able to deal with and handle a range of health conditions which can affect the liver. Cholesterol is only one of those conditions but it is thought that this natural extract can also improve prostate health.

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As a vegetable we know that artichokes are rich in folate and potassium, both which are essential for better liver and prostate function. It is also very rich in Niacin (vitamin B3) and we know there is a direct link in between BNP ( Benign Prostate Disease) and B3.

It goes without saying that artichokes are delicious served hot or cold. One of the best ways to eat artichoke is when the vegetable is freshly steamed, and you need to focus on eating the fleshy part of the bottom of the leaf. This is where the active compound, cynarin, can be found.

Cynarin has long thought to have had beneficial properties but it was until 1979 when German scientists at the University of Freiburg in Germany, discovered that it could in fact lower LDL cholesterol levels and at the same time raise HDL cholesterol levels.

What Is Cynarin?

Cynarin is basically a plant chemical and it is also what gives artichokes their sweet bitter taste. It has recently been acredited with doing much more than that, and although more research is needed, it is known to lower both cholesterol and blood fats levels. Cynarin is not very different from another compound found in Milkthistle called silymarin.

Just like silymarin, cynarin can go on to improve liver function which means that the liver can manage levels of LDL cholesterol much more effectively. Cynarin differs slightly from silymarin as it is known to also lower triglycerides levels within the blood. For reasons not yet understood, silymarin may slightly elevate levels and should never be used as a stand alone treatment for fat or cholesterol problems.

Cynarin also have the ability to increase bile production which means it can influence the liver to dispel more harmful substances, and it is now thought it may make an effective treatment against fatty liver or a liver which has been affected by alcohol abuse.

Should I Eat Artichokes Or Take A Supplement?

It would be doubtful if you would be able to digest enough cynarin to make eating artichokes an effective treatment. Cynarin is more effective as an extract of artichoke, or alternatively as part of a cholesterol drug formula. Many commercial manufacturers are now taking a second look at artichokes and cynarin in particular. It is believed that this natural compound will make an effective remedy for those patients who cannot tolerate statins or blood fat lowering drugs.

The problem is that the molecule chain is very difficult to copy, and it is therefore better to turn to natural remedies such as Choleslo which will provide the correct amount of active ingredient to treat high cholesterol.

Prostate Disease and Choleslo

A lot has been written about statin drugs influence on prostate disease and PSA levels. Initial results from a recent study seem to indicate that both red yeast and artichoke can form an effective alliance against diseases which affect the prostate. Interestingly enough many men who suffer from elevated levels or LDL cholesterol, have an increased chance of contracting some form of prostate disease.

The link is not immediately obvious but is thought that elevated levels of liver enzymes can affect the prostate in a negative way. If this is true, it may also explain the link between a diet rich in red meat and prostate disease.

If, you do suffer from prostate disease and are taking the natural remedy of Saw Palmetto, you can safely use Choleslo as an add on treatment. The two natural remedies will not contraindicate. As a matter of fact, they may even compliment each other.

Artichokes also contain many other phytonutrients all of which form part of the extract formula, the functions of many are yet to be explored. However, it is widely recognized that all phytonutrients will help to reduce inflammation and support better digestion which is vital when it comes to lower cholesterol levels.