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Herbs That Lower Cholesterol

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3 Herbs to Lower Cholesterol

Not only can vitamins and amino acids lower cholesterol but herbs to lower cholesterol are useful as well. There are a selection of herbs that can help you to lower your cholesterol, and many of them we would call spices as well. Herbs to lower cholesterol do not need to come in a capsule. They can be grown in your garden or in pots in the home.

Learning how to introduce them in your cooking is a much nicer and natural way than to take yet another supplement, but a supplement of parsley does offer an alternative.


How often do you cook with parsley? Not very often, I thought not but this is a very versatile herb and you should try. You don’t even need to cook with it if you don’t want to, you can simply add it to your salads. It can help to lower cholesterol and at the same time it cleanses the blood.

Parsley is a real little powerhouse of health, and it is even one of the world’s richest sources of chlorophyll. If, you are really anxious to use your parsley, don’t feel obliged to wait until it is fully grown. You can fill up a tray and grow it as a sprout. Cut it off when it has reached about 2 cm in height and enjoy.

As a cooking herb it can be added to soups, tastes great with chicken and fish. Parsley sprouts can be used for cooking as well, and do taste perhaps a bit more spicy than adult parsley. If, you are a dog owner you can add it to your dog’s drinking bowl to freshen his breath. You can even sprinkle it on your dog’s food to improve his digestion.

Parsley will help to improve your digestion as well, and if you cook with garlic you can make a paste with parsley and garlic. Place a handful of parsley in a blender together with about six cloves of garlic. Add some olive oil and blend. You will have a lovely paste that will last for a few days, and tastes great when cooked with chicken, fish and even liver.


There are many different types of basil. This is another herb which can be easily grown in a pot, and can be used when cooking with red meats such as lamb. It has a slightly woodier taste but is equally versatile when it comes to spicing up dishes.

It also makes the perfect companion to sundried tomatoes, and many cheeses. You can make your own dressing with olive oil, basil and sundried tomatoes. Place sundried tomatoes and basil in a glass bottle, and pour over olive oil. Put in a dark cupboard for about six weeks, and after six weeks you will have your own home made dressing. It can be used for salads, pasta and it tastes absolutely great when poured over fresh goat’s cheese or Greek feta cheese. Leave to stand for a few hours, and then enjoy with a fresh salad.


Surprise, surprise but you can actually sprout Fenugreek. Place the seeds in a tray and let them grow for about two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, your sprouts will be ready and you can add them to your cooking and salads.

Fenugreek is a native to India, and you will find it in many curry blends that you can buy in the shops. It adds a certain freshness to curries, and may even lift the entire flavour combination.

Fenugreek will actually grow quite tall, and during the summer it will flower with pale yellow and white flowers. It makes an attractive border plant in your garden, and when planted close to roses, it can help to keep green fly away. It is an excellent remedy for stomach cramps, flatulence and will help you to metabolize your food better.

It will love a sunny spot in your garden or on your window seal, and it even makes a welcome present as many people don’t grow Fenugreek.

Who says health has to be boring and expensive? Good health can introduce so many other elements in to your life than supplements and vitamins, it might even make a gardener out of you!

The nice thing about growing herbs is that many of them can be grown as sprouts, and they are all at home both in the city and countryside. The majority of them are happy to grow in pots or directly in the garden. It doesn’t matter if you just have a window box, your healthy herbs are happy to grow anywhere!