Lowering Triglycerides Naturally

Do You Need To Be Lowering Triglyceride Levels ?

lowering tryglycerides naturally
lowering tryglyceridesYour doctor might say to you that you need to lower your triglycerides. You sit there, and you wonder what triglycerides are. It may sound like a name of an alien species but in fact they are just fats. The problem is that these fats can cause havoc in your body, and deposit themselves on your arterial walls. Lowering triglycerides is just as important as keeping an eye on your LDL cholesterol, and the good news are that lowering triglycerides naturally is relatively easy.

Your doctor will want to prescribe you a drug, but if I were you I would ask him or her what side effects the drug has before you sign up. Most drugs which lower triglycerides will also cause a loss of muscle tone. If, you are a golfer, you don’t want to lose your swing, you want to improve on it. Most golfers I have spoken to say that their swing has got worse since starting to take medication to lower triglycerides. Looking at the muscle loss in their arms there is little wonder they are finding it difficult to get on to the green.

Too many fatty deposits or too many triglycerides rushing around your circulatory system can lead to heart attacks, and may even be a contributory factor to strokes. Most of us have some triglycerides in our blood, but some people seem to have more than others. Scientists were not sure why initially but according to Traditional Chinese Medicine this has always been considered to be a liver problem.

Western scientists did not agree with Traditional Chinese Practitioners, but of late they have been proven to be right. Both cholesterol imbalances and high triglycerides can occur as a result of inflammation in the liver.

Taking a natural supplement of Choleslo will help to lower your triglycerides but there are some other steps that you can take as well. You need to be prepared to change your lifestyle a little bit, however, the benefit is that many small changes will benefit your overall health.


Diet is very important when it comes to lowering your triglycerides. Red meat can contain a lot of fat which will lead to triglycerides forming in your blood. Cutting down on your red meat consumption is your first time, and you want to eat less of beef, lamb and pork. Replace them with other meats such as chicken, turkey and game. Game meat such as deer do not make the body produce triglycerides, and is also less likely to be contaminated with artificial food additives.

If, you enjoy fish try to eat cold water fish 3 times per week. Cold water fish include. tuna, salmon,sardines, anchovy and trout. There are many excellent ways of cooking and added fish to your diet, and making the dishes more interesting.

How Do You Eat Your Food?

Are you a big food combiner? What do you put on your plate? Eating meat, vegetables and potatoes will make your digestive system busier, and eventually the liver as well. By combining the right foods, you will be able to cut down on your triglycerides.

When you eat vegetables, meat and potatoes together you are asking a lot of your body. It will be busy enough trying to break down the meat. Potatoes are not bad for you but when you combine them with the other two ingredients, your body cannot process the meal correctly. Try eating just meat and vegetables together, or potatoes and vegetables, and you will soon see both your weight and your cholesterol level drop.

In the morning it is a good idea to eat just fruit and grains combined with a natural yogurt. The digestion process will start much quicker, and your body will be able to give you a morning energy boost.

You should also eat to sleep better. That might sound like a strange statement, but whilst you sleep the body assimilates the food you have eaten during the day. If, you haven’t had anything to eat before you go to sleep, you are more likely to wake up. Believe it or not, your body needs energy to sleep. An ideal bed time snack is an oat cookie with some warm milk.

Move Your Body

You may think that going to the gym is the right thing to do, but moving little and often is better for you than working out for a longer period of time. Walking is a good idea, swimming and cycling will help as well. As a matter of fact, any exercise that you do outside is likely to reduce your triglycerides level more.

Improving your health should never feel like a chore, it should be a pleasure. You should be able to enjoy it as much as you should be able to see the benefits from your efforts. Personally, I walk and do yoga, and I am a lot fitter than my gym going friends.