Making a Low Cholesterol Diet Part of Your Life

Low Cholesterol Diet Tips

Making a low cholesterol diet part of your life is all about planning your life around a healthier lifestyle. A low cholesterol diet should not feel like a task, it should just seamlessly fit in with your lifestyle. That being said, it is important to appreciate that lowering your cholesterol is about more than dieting alone. Exercising for lower cholesterol is just as important as eating for lower cholesterol.

low cholesterol diet


Low Cholesterol Diet LadyThe worst threat to a lower cholesterol diet seems to be restaurants. This is where we are most likely to fall off our diet. We are tempted by delicious food such as steaks with fries, and wonderful desserts. Getting to know what foods on the menu are least likely to cause a cholesterol problem is very important.

Chicken – most restaurant serve chicken. It depends a little bit on how it is prepared, and you should try to stay away from fatty sauces such as pepper corn sauce. You can always ask if the restaurant can make up the meal without sauce, and perhaps provide you with some olive oil or lemons instead.

It is tempting to order potatoes with your meal but most restaurants can help you with special diets, and why not replace your potatoes with extra vegetables.

Fish dishes such as grilled salmon are good alternatives, and as fish is very low in fat, you can afford to treat yourselves to some chips or fries. Always remember to add vegetables to your meal as they are rich in antioxidants and will help to control your cholesterol level.

The dessert menu can be a real hazard for both your triglycerides and cholesterol level count. Surprisingly, the most low fat option is normally the ice-cream

Cruising Towards Better Health

Cruising is such a popular holiday and vacation style these days, and the food is normally a big part of the experience. Many people who go on cruise vacations and holidays, gain a lot of weight. There is absolutely no need, and it is all about making healthy choices whilst you are on a cruise.

The dinner menu can be very tempting, but most cruise lines have now caught on to the fact that their passengers would like to eat more healthily. Most menus now contain low fat options, and you should try to stick to these.

Exercising on board will help as well. Next time you stand in front of the elevator to go up to the restaurant, consider taking the stairs instead. it may be three flights up but it will give you a chance to sneak in some extra exercise.

There are also many other things that you can do as well. Most cruise ships have daily exercise classes, and it is a good idea to join a couple of those as well. Yes, the deck is great for catching those rays on, but don’t forget to bring your sneakers. The last time I was on a cruise, I managed to walk three miles every day around the deck.

On The Job

Work can be a serious threat to your low cholesterol diet as well. It is very tempting to pop out for some fast food, but remember that you don’t need to join your colleagues in the quarter pounder race. Even many fast food chains now offer healthy options such as salads, or low fat fish options. Avoiding sugary and fizzy drinks will help as well. It will improve your digestion, and will help you to feel fuller for longer.

Bringing along your on snacks and lunches is another option. You can make your own salads, soups and sandwiches. Adding fruit and nuts as snacks will also be a step in the right direction.

Don’t forget to exercise. You don’t need to spend your entire lunch break eating. How about going for a 20 minute walk before you have your lunch? Walking for 20 minutes will lower your cholesterol, and you can burn off 100 calories if you are trying to lose weight.

Losing weight and lowering your cholesterol count often go hand in hand. If, you have set out to lower your cholesterol, you may find that you lose weight as well. As your weight loss speeds up, you will soon notice that your LDL cholesterol level drops. You will start to feel more positive about the changes you have made, and your new healthy living routine will be easier to follow.