Statins vs Choleslo™ – Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol

Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a contributory factor to many different kinds of cardiac and circulatory disorders. Many doctors now test patients’ cholesterol levels every six months to see if it is normal, or if it has gone up.

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Natural Remedies For High CholesterolThe most common conventional treatment for high cholesterol is a group of drugs known as statins. They work to lower the level of cholesterol in the body by changing the way the liver functions, and work by blocking a certain enzyme. It sounds great that you can “pop” a pill once a day, and within a couple of weeks your cholesterol level will be lower.

Most doctors do not recommend natural remedies for high cholesterol. There are few good reasons The main reason doctors don’t recommend them is quite simply because they do not understand them.

Doctors do not have a lot of training when it comes to nutrition, and they understand even less how many natural compounds such as amino acids work in the body. The best natural remedies for high cholesterol are a combination treatment of amino acids and herbs that work together with the body.

Statins Are Not Risk Free

Statins are not risk free like so many pharmaceutical companies claim. Many large pharmaceutical manufacturers are fully aware of the negative side effects of statin drugs, but yet they seldom publish them.

Statins are associated with an increased risk of diabetes type 2, irregular heart rhythm and will lower the muscle mass in ALL patients who are prescribed them.

Stop and wait a minute – what is the heart?

Doctors are always telling us to exercise to keep our heart healthy. They are keen to remind us that the heart is a muscle, and if we don’t exercise it, we may lose some of its functionality. It is absolutely true, when we don’t exercise the heart muscle will start lose mass and elasticity. To support good cardiac function we need to exercise the heart muscle.

So, if the heart is a muscle, what happens when we take statins? Can they cause a problem with the heart muscle? The simple answer is yes. Statins will affect all muscles groups within the body.

If, you have just recently started to take statins you may not notice the effect yet, but give it three months and you will notice muscle loss. It will first become apparent on your arms, and you will then notice that you have lost muscles elsewhere as well.

Common Negative Side Effects Of Statins

Home remedies for high cholesterol and natural remedies for cholesterol do not cause you to lose muscle mass. They work together with the body, and do not affect the body in a negative way.

Muscle loss, heart arrhythmia and diabetes type 2 are three of the worst side effects of statin drugs. There are other as well that we may not initially associate with statins.

If, you are taking a statin drug, you should look out for the following signs and symptoms:

Weight gain especially around the middle
Aching legs
Lowered Immune Response
Joint Pains
Migraine type headaches
Stomach ache

As statin drugs affect the way the liver works, they also affect our absorption of nutrition. That means we may not be able to absorb all the nutrients we need to help our bodies function well. Natural remedies for high cholesterol do the opposite, they help the body to function better and work in conjunction with the immune system

Immune System At The Beginning Of Time

Our immune systems are incredible, but we are not looking after them. The majority of conventional drugs are manufactured from man made compounds, and the body does not recognize them.

You see, at the beginning of time, our immune system was issued with the A-Z guide of substances it can recognize. However, the majority of conventional drugs contain man made substances which are not listed in the immune system’s guide to the body, subsequently it does not know what to do with them.

In effect our immune system takes one look at a compound, scratches its head and says “I don’t know what to do with you.” This is often what causes negative drug side effects in our bodies.

Fortunately for us natural remedies for cholesterol are recognized by the immune system, and it can make good use out of them.

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

We are always being told that high fat intake and red meats cause high cholesterol. There is a bit more to it than cheese and red meat. You need to ask yourself what else is contained within red meat and cheese.

Eggs were at one time the cholesterol industry’s number one enemy. But since, scientists discovered they are rich in hyaluronic acid, their opinion has changed. Red meat and cheese are now the new escape goats.

What Is Wrong With Red Meat And Cheese?

Cheese and red meat do contain cholesterol and we should eat them in moderation. But once again you need to take a breath and think twice before you throw out that sirloin steak. What else do cheese and red meat contain?

Most cheese and red meat are today rich in additives which are accumulated during the food production process. Animals are even fed antibiotics and we know that antibiotics can cause serious health problems.

However, both red meats and cheese contain pesticides and many other additives which has been added along the way. For instance, both are rich in parabens, and parabens are not natural substances. They are a by-product of the petro-chemical industry, and guess what they do? They interfere with our liver function.

This means that if we are eating food products which already interfere with liver function. What chance does the liver have to cope with a natural substance such as cholesterol?

The answer is that we perhaps need to back away from unnatural remedies, and focus how we can best support our bodies with natural remedies instead. We are already exposed to enough toxins and non-organic compounds in our diet, and do not need to add more.