The Health Benefits of Niacin

niacin containing foodsNiacin, vitamin B3, is a member of the vitamin B family. When it comes to good liver function, Niacin is perhaps the most important B vitamin. The function of vitamin B3 in the liver seems to be more or less “tailored” towards this organ. It is one of the few water soluble vitamins which the body manages to store for a short period of time.

niacin to lower cholesterol
Vitamin B3 primary function within the liver is to metabolize fats and cholesterol, and without this vitamin our body could not deal with fats at all. It enables the assimilation of fats within the liver and excessive fats are carried away, and eliminated in the urine. The recommended daily dose of vitamin B3 is 16 mg which is quite a high dose for any member of the vitamin B group, and this value on its own gives us an indication how important this vitamin is to the overall function of the body.

Vitamin B & Fats

So, if vitamin B3 metabolizes fats why do we suffer from high LDL cholesterol and triglycerides? The problem is our diet. Our modern diet is too high in sugar, and sugar destroys vitamin B3. Cutting down on added sugars will naturally increase the level of vitamin B3 your liver can hang onto and it will therefore cope with the destruction of fats and cholesterol better. The problem is that many foods do not label sugar content correctly and this is one of the most common reason we consume too much sugar.

Sadly, we are also to fond of antibiotics. Antibiotics are still despite many warnings handed out too frequently, and we know that they destroy all members of the vitamin B group bit B3 is especially sensitive to the influence of antibiotics in the intestines.

The reason for this is that B3 continues to be absorbed by the body as it travels through the digestive system. Antibiotics damage the healthy bacteria which naturally live in the intestine, and this in turn reduces the absorption of vitamin B3. This means that some of the fats which were suppose to be carried away may even end up as fatty deposits in the intestine and contribute towards poor bowel health.

Choleslo and B3

Vitamin B3 is an essential component of Choleslo and influences this natural remedy in two ways. First of all, it will help the body to absorb Choleslo more effectively and this is one of the reasons it is important not to drink grapefruit juice when taking Choleslo.

Another use of vitamin B3 by the Choleslo remedy is to improve the way it handles fats. Along with the other active ingredients but especially the red yeast, it increases the effectiveness of the properties within the remedy which eliminate both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Where can we find B3?

Vitamin B3 can be found in all fresh foods such as lean meats, liver and wakame seaweeds. Wakame seaweeds are very rich source of vitamin B3 and can be added to your diet in many different ways. Soups made with Wakame seaweeds can now be found in many supermarkets and you may even be able to find Wakame seaweed in glass jars.

Wheatgerm is another good source of B3, and if you sprinkle 2 -3 table spoons of wheat germ on a yogurt, you will be able to absorb half of your daily need of this vitamin.

Brewers yeast can also be used to add more vitamin B3 to your diet. It is available in powder format but maybe more convenient to take as a tablet. The benefit of Brewers yeast in the diet should never be underestimated as it adds all the B vitamins to your daily diet as well. Without the rest of the members of the vitamin B group, B3 cannot function and it is important to eat food which contains the broad spectrum of this group.

Other Influences of B3

B3 is also very important for circulation. It is now recognized that treatment with B3 after a stroke or a heart attack may even prevent further tissue damage. The vitamin will help damaged tissue to recover quicker and may even heal damaged mirco circulation. This is especially important when it comes to micro circulation in the brain.

Our lack of vitamin B3 and other B vitamins, is one of the most serious health issues we face today. It is important to recognize the influence of this vitamin on the body and make sure that you monitor your sugar intake when using the Choleslo remedy to lower your cholesterol levels.