The Health Benefits of Red Yeast

Red Yeast

red yeast riceYou may wonder where statins originally came from, and why a bunch of scientists from all over the world sat down and “developed” them. The truth is that statins are not a miracle of modern day science but are a natural miracle instead. Many of the scientists working in medical labs are herbalists. They know that the answer is “out there” somewhere, and as we are getting better and better with identifying new properties, we are coming closer to better and better drugs.

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Scientists never “discovered” statins. They just took a leaf out of TCM (Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine) and found out what the base ingredients were of red yeast. Than they sat about copying the molecule chain, and statins were born in a lab dish. It is a bit like penicillin, it has always existed but we did not recognize the properties or healing elements.

There is a lot of confusion here as the compounds we are looking for cannot be found in red rice. They can be found in the yeast which is produced with Monascus purpureus yeast.

When you are sitting down for a Chinese meal you may be eating this without even knowing. Chinese food has received a lot of bad press over the last few years but the fact that this is just a natural color in Chinese food. When used in higher concentration, it has some interesting properties which were initially recognized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine a long time ago.

It took Western doctors a long time to recognize that cholesterol is a liver problem. Chinese doctors have known about the cholesterol problem for many thousands of years, and treated patients for a liver complaint. Of course, Western doctors knew better and it took them a long time to accept that they had been wrong.

The liver is a much more complex organ than we give it credit for and many practitioners of TCM place a greater weight on the health of this organ than any other. The fact is that they are right and we are only learning to appreciate how important it is to keep our livers healthy.

All around the world, there are compounds in the natural world which can help to heal and deal with liver problems. Red yeast is just one of them, and in TCM it is used for a period of 4 – 5 years until the liver has healed itself.

This is where we go wrong with statins. We tell patients to carry on using them for many years, when they should instead be using them for a finite amount of time.

The Cholesterol Connection

Using a small amount of red yeast in combination with other herbal and vitamin substances is the best way. This allows the active ingredients to go to work, and heal the liver together with the other compounds. Healthy foods and vitamins are just as important to the liver, but we are talking about a course of treatment.

During your treatment with red yeast, it is important to identify the factors which may have caused your high LDL cholesterol. It may be that you need to change your diet, but at the same time it could be that your body is going through a change. A typical example of such a change would be the peri-menopause and menopause in women, and in men we may also see hormonal changes as they age.

The changes can be corrected with diet but treatments such as Choleslo are important, but this is where we often go wrong with herbal treatments. We fail to see them as dynamic treatments and carry on with our lifestyles. Statins do not make it okay for you to eat the wrong foods, and neither does red yeast or any other treatment.

For instance when using Choleslo you should avoid alcohol in excess. Natural alcohol without sulphates are better for you, and certain red wines may support your liver health. The same thing can be said about beers. Many modern beers on the market today are not that good for us but natural beers such as bitters or ales can be healthier. As a matter of fact, they are an excellent source of vitamin B.

The Prostate Connection

A lot has been written about prostate health and statins recently. It is possibly true that statins can help to improve or even reverse prostate conditions but so can natural statins. There is perhaps even a hormone connection here somewhere, but as part of TCM, Chinese doctors have already realized the link between natural statin compounds and prostate health.

On reflection, perhaps it is better to start to sing the praises of the natural world and learn how we can best use the many natural medicine to make us feel better and stay healthier.