Vitamins For High Cholesterol

Let Vitamin B Give You Your Life Back

The best vitamins for high cholesterol are the vitamins that belong to the vitamin B group. It was first thought that vitamin B was only one vitamin but it is a combination of 8 different vitamins. There are other vitamins for high cholesterol as well but they do not influence our cholesterol balance as much as vitamin B. If, you are not already taking a vitamin B complex you should seriously consider adding it to your daily health care routine.

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There are many reasons why you should take a vitamin B complex. It does not only help to lower LDL cholesterol but it also gives us something really vital – ENERGY. When we have enough energy we will feel and live better. Vitamin B is a vitamin which most of us lack.
Sadly, we do not eat enough fresh and natural food to be able to satisfy our body’s need for it.

Reasons You Should Add A Vitamin B Complex

vitamins for high cholesterol1) A lack of vitamin B will speed up the aging process. It will cause our cells to divide slower, and as a result we may even end up with more wrinkles. More worryingly, a lack of vitamin B will age our internal organs, and is strongly link to diseases associated with aging such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

2) You may have heard of the disease beri-beri. It is a disease which we normally associate with the third world, and days gone by. But, beri-beri is making a return and it is down to the fact that we are not getting enough vitamin B1 (Thiamin) in our daily diet. Beri-beri affects the cardiovascular system, and can as a worst case scenario lead to sudden death.

It does not happen overnight but your thiamin levels can be affected, and we need to ensure that we grains, beans and brown rice. Liver is an excellent source of vitamin B1 but it is one of those foods that have gone out of fashion. Of course, liver also gives us much needed iron and vitamin B12.

vitamin B complex3) Are you feeling nervous, shaky and tired? It could be a lack of vitamin B6. Doctors often say that a lack of vitamin B6 is uncommon but in a recent study 80 out of 100 people were found to be deficient in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is essential when it comes to a healthy nervous system but cannot work without its best friend B12. You will find vitamin B6 in wholemeal bread, eggs, wholemeal grains and all fresh vegetables.

4) Vitamin B6 is important when it comes to treating PMS and during the peri-menopause to prevent the bloating which is associated with both conditions. Most women during the peri-menopause lack vitamin B6, and a daily supplement is required for extra energy. Of course, it will help to balance cholesterol at the same time. The peri-menopause is complex and it is not as easy as just taking a pill to feel better. Energy is a vital ingredient, and a good quality vitamin B complex should be taken on a daily basis by all women at this time of their lives.

5) You may have a friend who is receiving treatment with vitamin B12. This means that she, or he, has pernicious anaemia. There are many causes of this type of anaemia, and it may arise as part of the aging process. It never used to be very common but now doctors are beginning to encounter it more and more often.

It is down to the fact that we don’t eat enough fresh foods. If, you suffer pernicious anaemia, you do need vitamin B 12 injections, but you should also add more green vegetables to your diet. Spinach and curly kale are excellent sources of B12, and so is Swiss chard and broccoli. Even if you don’t have a garden, all of these can be grown in pots and harvested.

A lot of the green leaved vegetables that you will find in supermarkets have traveled long distances, and has therefore lost a lot of their vitamin content. Growing one of two vegetables which are rich in vitamin B12 is a good idea.

Food can cure many of the ailments which we may suffer from, but our food culture has changed so much and we are now further away from where our food is grown whenever. Spinach and watercress may come to us by plane from Portugal and Africa, and Swiss chard and curly kale went out of fashion for a while but are now coming back. Perhaps the next time food fashion changes we will be able to give up our vitamin B complex. However, for the time being it is a good idea to add it to your daily routine.