What Causes High LDL Cholesterol ?

3 Common Causes Of High LDL Cholesterol

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Normally the first thing we do when the doctor tells us we are suffering from high LDL cholesterol, is to start blaming ourselves. Your doctor may give you a little mini lecture, and tell you to do this and that. The truth is that your doctor may not be fully informed about what causes high LDL cholesterol. There are many factors at play here, and passing the blame and emphasis on to you straight away, is often the wrong thing to do.

what causes high ldl cholesterol

What causes high LDL cholesterol is very complicated, and does not have just one answer. Many factors need to be taken into account here, and it is important to stay open minded.

Let me give you one example. Yellow jaundice is a condition which affects the liver. It was very common during the 1940’s and 1950’s in the UK, and many people born during those years now suffer from high LDL cholesterol. Yet, doctors and the medical professional seldom ask their patients if they suffered from yellow jaundice when they were babies or young. It is a very important point as almost everyone who has suffered yellow jaundice will go on to develop high LDL cholesterol.

The hepatitis virus which causes jaundice damages and changes the structure of the liver, and this will in later life lead to high LDL cholesterol. That is just one example.

There are many other causes, and none of them may be your fault.

What Causes High LDL Cholesterol ?


Our diet can cause high LDL cholesterol, but once again, it may not be your fault. Many of the foods that we eat today are over processed. You may not think that your Sunday roast leg of lamb was processed but surprisingly it could have contained a lot of additives. It is known that additives are a contributing factor to high LDL cholesterol, and can raise our levels over a period of time.

However, it all depends on how sensitive we are. A lot of doctors seem to think that children who suffer raised cholesterol are fed a wrong or an unbalanced diet, but they could unwittingly be consuming a lot of additives even though they are eating a healthy diet. Blaming your Sunday roast is the easy way out.

Doctors should educate themselves more about cholesterol, and learn more about the physiological reasons behind the cholesterol phenomena.


We are beginning to learn a lot of about genetics and DNA but we don’t always understand the interactions between diet and genes. Some people who have the same genes do not go on to develop high LDL cholesterol, whilst other do. What is going on here?

If, we took a set of identical twins with the same tendency towards high LDL cholesterol, and placed them in different parts of the world, we would find that quite often one of the twins would not develop high cholesterol.

For instance, if one of the twins lived in the United States in a big city, he would be more likely to develop high cholesterol, If, the other twin lived in a sleepy Japanese fishing village, we may find that he would not develop high cholesterol.

Yes, there could be a dietary link but there could also be other influencing factors such as stress hormones. The twin living in New York may have a stressful lifestyle whilst the other twin may have a much more relaxed lifestyle. That tells us that something else could be at play, and it could be hormones. Hormones such as the stress hormone cortisol can influence the way our liver functions, and may trigger different part of the DNA molecule to become active.


We seem to live in a culture of 24 hour medicine. When we get sick we want to be well within a few hours or a couple of days. It seems that we don’t very often have patience for our bodies anymore, and fail to see the point of “giving them a break”.

Many conventional medications may influence your body negatively. We expect medication to be able to repair our bodies without consequences but this is seldom the case. Many people with long term inflammatory disease suffer from high cholesterol. What causes their high LDL cholesterol? Is it the disease or the drugs they take? Looking at it from a pure physiological point of view, it is much more likely that it is the medication causing the body to “malfunction.”

When you are in pain, it might be easy to start taking paracetamol, but should we not be asking ourselves if there are other natural alternatives which support our bodies instead. Shockingly, very few doctors are aware that conventional medications can cause high cholesterol.

If you do find yourself suffering from high cholesterol, you need to take stock, put things right but above all stop blaming yourself.